How to deploy a cost effective cloud phone system in the cloud with Office 365 using Microsoft Teams

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If you are looking for a cost effective way to implement a phone system in your company without requiring the purchase of hardware, expensive licensing and still have to worry about calling plans, Microsoft has recently released a very appealing product that can easily resolve all your telephony needs with one single product.

With a simple per user license model, you can add the phone system capability to your Office 365 accounts, making the already included Microsoft Teams service have additional functionality for regular landline number and replace completely a regular phone system. You will have numbers for each one of your users based on any geographical region you desire.

You end up with a single cloud entity managing your emails, files and calls. Think about it as if it was your mobile phone where you have your apps fulfilling all your requirements and you have a single username and password to access it, easy and cost effective but with enterprise control and resiliency.

We have created a tutorial how to deploy this system from scratch in Office 365 and you are welcome to try it yourself. We provide all necessary steps and explain all options in detail. If you still require some assistance, we are more than happy to assist with migrations of your existing phone system to Teams or even a new deployment from scratch. We will be taking your company to modern and cost effective cloud system that can serve from 1 person to hundreds with the same functionality paying only for the users you need.

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