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The demand for flexible and fast disk space grew quickly and required a considerable investment in our private cloud infrastructure to cope with the demand. We wanted to avoid being locked in with specific vendors as it had happened in the past, allowing us to choose whatever building blocks we wanted, while bringing the costs of implementation and maintenance down. The new storage solution proposed by Asygma allowed us to considerably lower our support costs. If you want a holistic view on your IT requirements, look no further. We have collaborated with Alex a few times and we shall hire Asygma to deliver on further innovative digital projects.

London Web
Cloud Storage project
For two years, Forteon had been preparing for achieving ISO 27001 and PCI DSS compliance. One of the key elements of system security is a strong password management. These standards require the use of long and complex passwords which are not repeated, get changed every 3 months and enforce the use of 2-factor authentication across all systems.
Forteon asked Asygma for help and they came up with a great solution using remote desktop manager, where system access is only given on a need-to-know basis. The new security mechanism implemented helped Forteon attain and renew ISO 27001 compliance and assisted one of their top customers’ e-commerce platform to become fully PCI DSS 3.2.1 compliant. Thanks Alex and Asygma!
PCI DSS compliance project
Asygma partnered with us to collaborate on Office 365 and Microsoft Teams deployments, bringing a different perspective to the table. Our mutual respect and high work ethics allowed us to provide improved services to our customers. This wouldn’t be possible without frequent communication, transparency and trust. Working with Asygma is always a pleasure and we highly recommend them if you need external help for your business.
Public Cloud project

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